Bernie Sanders to rally Fans in Richmond and Promote early voting

With early voting in full swing around California, Sen. Bernie Sanders is led to Richmond now to rally his supporters and invite them to receive their ballots whenever possible.

The competition — who has headed the latest California surveys — will maintain a rally in the harborfront Craneway Pavilion of the East Bay city that kicks off at dusk.

He is the most recent of many contenders who have come through the country in recent days, many where Republicans caucus on Saturday, quitting over from Nevada.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg maintained a rally at Sacramento on Friday and also did several fundraisers from the Bay Region.

President Trump is set to swing on Tuesday and Wednesday through Los Angeles, including design at Oracle chairman Larry Ellison’s Palm Springs-area property.

Sanders’ effort has produced a distinctive focus on the 5.5 million California voters that are registered without party taste. They have to ask a ballot, Even though the Vermont senator has performed with Republicans previously.

Only 9.1 percent of Republicans who vote by email has gone through the procedure to request and get a Democratic presidential ballot, based on data in the national political company Political Data Inc. And voters and Latinos — both the 2 teams who constitute Sanders’ foundation — are less likely to have obtained a ballot.

The Sanders’ campaign also has established a hotline to call should they have any issues, and claims they have trained staffers and volunteers to help voters to ask ballots. Staff in the Richmond rally prepared to collect ballots from Sanders’s assistants.

The growth is a result of changes in processes around the country that have improved our use of vote-by-mail, with over 15 million voters across the country. When Sanders dropped California by 7% to Hillary Clinton it is too premature to say total turnout and 2016 main will compare.