Welcome To UCSD


Warning Message to Incoming Freshmen

For those of you who are new here, welcome to UCSD, we’re glad to have you. We are the number one school for science and research in the country, and if you made it here, you most likely have a good head on your shoulders, or at least good grades and SAT scores. At UCSD, we get our coffee at the Grove, we work out at RIMAC, and we party at Geisel. Pizookies are our favorite dessert, we know that the cliffs is the best place around to watch the sunset, and we have a talking, a singing, and a silent tree in our forest. Also, at most universities, its safe to say that the students are crazy, and the professors and faculty must do all they can to keep the students in line. Here at UCSD, we like to mix things up a bit.

The faculty and staff are far crazier than the students, especially the liberal faculty and staff. Those level headed students in the California Review readership must do all we can to keep the professors in check. Beware of professors like Frasier Cocks, Milton Saier, TA Martha Gonzales and others, who attempt to indoctrinate students with liberal ideologies and propaganda, subtly or otherwise. Also, pay close attention in classes such as Making of the Modern World (ERC students), or Dimensions of Culture (Marshall students). After 2 years at UCSD, I have come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of these classes is to further the liberal ideologies and feminist worldviews through topics such as affirmative action, gay marriage, outsourcing, economics, race, ethnicity, gender, identity, stereotypes, and so forth. For example, in the class “Gender and Politics,” we are taught a) most women are liberals and b) how to get more women into politics, therefore, we are basically taught how to get more liberals into politics. Shocking! United States military personnel are referred to as “trained killers” by professor Nicole Tonkovich in the class “Captivity Narratives,” and the American Dream and the idea of manifest destiny is criticized in every context in which it appears.
Also, beware of Anti-Americanism on campus. It runs rampant and is incredibly evident when one is even remotely aware of its presence. In previous years, Richard Biernacki, a sociology professor at UCSD, has used the American flag in an obscene demonstration to prove the value of symbols to his students. In his sociology 20 class, first he cut the flag up, then smeared it with mud, or dog excrement. Lovely. In numerous locations on campus, there is anti-American graffiti depicting an upside down flag, or statements like “drop Bush, not bombs” spray painted on the sidewalk. In the new LGBT center, there is an American flag in the window which has been perverted with rainbow stripes instead of red and white stripes.
Although UCSD is very liberal and at times, just plain ridiculous, there are a few ways I have learned to combat the idiocy of the anti-American professors, TAs, and students. First, stick to your guns. Don’t back down on your views no matter how much the professors or TAs attempt to embarrass you, chances are that they wont have the nerve to dock your grade because of your political beliefs, as long as you can effectively back up your statements with facts. Second, choose your battles. Don’t argue with the professor on every point, you will just seem annoying to your classmates who don’t care as much about political ideologies as you do. Third, embarrass your lunatic professors and TAs as much as possible. Make sure your arguments are solid, and anticipate their responses. Then, take them for all they are worth, clobber them with your superior reasoning and intelligence, and don’t sit there idly while they indoctrinate the entire class. If you follow this advice, you will not only survive at UCSD, but you will be an effective student and conservative on campus.